The 3rd annual Vivaldi Digital Darwinism Summit (DDS) put a spotlight on the challenges and opportunities of the increasing digitalization occurring across industries and companies.

Technologies are advancing more rapidly and customers are changing their behaviors faster than most organizations can evolve. Every brand will feel the disruptions in customer behavior and will need to adapt fast to survive in this environment.

The challenge for CEOs, CMOs and marketers: leveraging digital, social, Big Data and mobile technologies to create tangible customer value, evolve brands, and strengthen customer relationships to survive or else.

About Vivaldi Partners Group

Since 1999, Vivaldi Partners has worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries and global markets to build strong brands and harness the power of innovation through consumer-first thinking. Vivaldi Partners Group consists of three specialty practices: Vivaldi Partners, our strategic consulting firm; Fifth Season, our brand-building agency; and E-Edge, our organizational engagement program.